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How to register at Let's Do It! World Conference 2022


Each year, the Let’s Do It World Network organises a global conference uniting people from all over the world with a mission for a waste-free world. Together, we are discussing and developing strategies for a successful transition towards a sustainable tomorrow. During the conference, participants share their knowledge as well as learning from each other and establishing collaborations to work together for a waste-free, sustainable society. The conference is a meeting place for civil society, business people, and governmental entities alike.

The conference will bring together Let’s Do It World Leaders, partners of World Cleanup Day such as government agencies, global organisations, and citizens from up to 180 countries. Nevertheless, the conference is open to everybody who wants to join one of the largest environmental movements in the world, contributing to the creation of a waste-free world and a sustainable future. We welcome all people from civil society, public sector, business sector, and academia.

As World Cleanup Day is the core of the movement, the Let’s Do It World! (LDIW) Conference address the learning points from there, showcase the most interesting and powerful national movements and hear how partners incorporated World Cleanup Day into their sustainability practices.


Register as a participant

How can I participate at the conference?

You just need to register for the conference. Once your registration is completed, you can login in and you have access to all public live zoom sessions.
Some sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel where you can watch them later on as a recorded session.
The digital conference is free of charge.

How do I register as participant?

The registration process works in three steps:

  1. Fill in the REGISTER AS PARTICIPANT form.
  2. Activate your profile by clicking on the link in the E-Mail sent to your account.
  3. LOGIN at the website.

How do I register as leader?

As Let’s Do It! leader with voting rights you also need to register as participant.
For non-public sessions as the General Assambly all leaders with voting rights will receive an E-Mail by the Let’s Do It! Headquarter.
Nontheless, it is an excelent idea to mark the session in your calendar. Thefore go to the program and add the event to your calendar.

What does the conference cost? Price for tickets?

The digital conference is free of charge for all participants.
PS: We accept donations if you like to support the organising team.

How do I keep in mind the schedule?

Choose the favourite sessions in the program and click on “add to calendar”. You can download the event to your personal outlook, google, ICal or other type of digital calendar.

What is the keycode to enter a (Zoom) session?

For all public (Zoom) sessions please use the keycode: 321

Why is there no keycode to enter a non-public (Zoom) session?

A view of the sessions are marked as non-public (Zoom) sessions such as the General Assembly or related sessions. These sessions are limited to Let’s Do It! leaders with voting rights. The access codes will be sent to the leaders directly by the Let’s Do It! headquarter.

What can I do if I miss a live session?

Don’t worry! Most of the sessions are recorded and uploaded into YouTube where you can watch the session when you have the time later on. Watch the YouTube channel.

How to become part of the NETWORK FORUM

Login and check PROFILE (of course you need to have completed a registratin before). “Edit” and “Change Profile Photo” – save the data. You will now see your input under “view” in PROFILE and the NETWORK FORUM.

About the conference

What can I do if my password does not work?

Under the button REGISTER/LOGIN you find the reset my passwort. You click on reset my passwort. An E-Mail will be sent to your E-Mail address. You click on the link in the E-Mail. The browser will open and you can type in your new password.

What is the keycode to enter a (Zoom) session?

For all public (Zoom) sessions please use the keycode: 321

Who else is participating in the digital conference?

Participants are all the leaders, team members and volunteers of Let’s Do It! World network, plus partners, stakeholders and everybody who wants to join and fight for a sustainable future. Check the NETWORK FORUM after the registration to see all participants. If you are not listed in the Network Forum, simply log into your/my profil which is in the menu while being logged in.

How to become a speaker at the conference?

Everybody can apply to become a speaker at the conference, but the final keynote speakers, workshop leaders and supporters are hand-selected by the organizer and the host of the conference. You find all persons and their vita under: SPEAKERS.

Join the network

How can I play an active role myself?

You want to play an active role, change the world we are living in and set the path for a waste free future? Yes, you can do it. Join our network! You find your local contact person under: and get in contact with people like you here in the NETWORK FORUM.

What is the World Cleanup Day?

The World Cleanup Day (WCD) is THE event to mobilize 5 percent of the world’s population for a waste free, cleaner tomorrow. Everybody can be part of the movement on each 3rd Saturday in September by joining an existing group, founding an own one or simply cleanup the environment individually. With over 180 participating countries in the world, you will certainly also find one of the WCD teams in your country – so check the Countries.

 year  number of countries number of participants
 2020  166  11 Million
 2019  180   21 Million
 2018  157   17.6 Million

What is the Let’s Do It World (LDIW)?

The network behind the World Cleanup Day (WCD) is the Let’s Do It World, that engages member organisations in more than 180 countries. The headquarters of Let’s Do It World is located in Tallinn, Estonia, where the movement started in 2008.

Who should I contact?

Have a look at the Countries and find out who your local contact person is. In the unlikely event that there is not yet any team in place, please contact Let’s Do It World (LDIW) headquarter.

Technical support

As participant: What can I do if my password does not work?

Click on Register/Login and there on “Reset password”. Type in your E-Mail address. You get a link via E-Mail. Simply click on the link. The browser will open and you can choose and save a new password.

What is the keycode to enter a (Zoom) session?

For all public (Zoom) sessions please use the keycode: 321

As speaker: What can I do if my password does not work?

Please write an E-Mail to and tell us with which E-Mail address you can’t log in.

As speaker: Who is my technical support for my (Zoom) session?

Find your individual (Zoom) session in the PROGRAM, click on details and search for “Technical Support” in the details. When you click on the person you will see the contact data. Note: Each session has a different technical supporter that it is why it is important to follow this instruction.