About the Conference

Each year, the Let’s Do It World Network comes together to share, support, learn, grow, and make plans towards a clean and healthy, waste-free world.

This year the conference is fully online. The Let’s Do It World Conference 2021 takes place from 28 January to 31 January. It’s been facilitated from Munich, Germany.

Let’s Do It World Conference 2021 brings together up to 180 country representatives of the Let’s Do It World movement, zero waste experts, global partners, and other movement representatives. For four days, participants can share their knowledge, learn from each other as well as working together on future concepts for a sustainable society.

However, the conference is open to everybody who wants to join one of the largest environmental movements in the world, contribute to the waste-free world, and to live in a sustainable future. We welcome all the people from civil society, the public sector, the business sector, and academia.

We talk and discuss how to accelerate the transformation in societies, how to move to a society where cleanups are not needed anymore. 

The conference is not about listening. It’s about working together and creating fertile soil for new sustainable solutions and systematic change. If you have a knowledge worth to share to the network or topics to be discussed with others  – dont be humble – submit it as a keynote speaker or organize a workshop

As World Cleanup Day is a big part of our movement and a catalyzer for sustainable change, we are going to address the learning points from 2020 as well – how to continue the work despite restrictions, showcase the most interesting and successful campaigns.

The conference is hosted by Let´s Do It Germany together with Let’s Do It World Headquarter and Let!s Do It Indonesia.

Last year, the Let’s Do It World Conference 2020 took place in Estonia from 23-16 January in Tallinn, Estonia.

Let’s Do It World network is a global civic movement with a mission to connect and empower all the people and organizations around the world aiming to make this planet clean and healthy. Let’s Do It World organized World Cleanup Day on 21st September 2019 that engaged 180 countries and 21 million people worldwide. In 2020, under COVID-19 restrictions, more than 11 million people from 166 countries came out individually or in small groups to bring attention to the fact that the global waste problem is still urgent to tackle.

When Let’s Do It! Germany volunteered to become the 2021 host of the Let’s Do It! World Conference, it wasn’t yet to foresee that a totally new online platform would be needed. What was planned as a physical conference in Munich needed to be re-thought as a digital conference and as a new platform. The digital event allows a bigger international audience to join the conference in a world that is more global linked than ever before. This global network is needed more than ever before as plastic waste does not stop at borders. Even though restrictions, social distance, time zones and kilometer may separate us from each other the community is united by the wish to reach 5% of the global population to initiate an international, global change. This is what this network is standing for and the impulses that shall come from the conference thanks to many participants and experts speaking.