Moderator: Colm Flynn

Best practices from different countries.

Empowering communities through environmental literacy. African educational programme. Stephan Senghor, Senegal

As the world faces unprecedented challenges, Africa, with the fastest-growing population and the youngest continent has the potential to take advantage of its demography as an opportunity for sustainable growth. Environmental education could help young people improve their learning processes while allowing them to play a key role in their communities and the world.

Environmental education project in TOGO. Noël Nyadanu, Togo

Aware of the importance and essential contribution of education to promote more eco-responsible social development with regard to our environment, the project therefore supports the state’s objectives in achieving the SDGs. Part of a dynamic of research, dialogue and action, it’s offers new insights into the potential role of national education systems in the fight against climate change.

Environmental Educational Project in Ghana. Kate Opoku, Ghana

Kate talks about an environmental educational project to be implemented in Ghana. It is a behaviour change communication project which seeks to build capacities of pupils and teachers in basic schools. The project adopts the peer-to-peer education model, where ‘Environmental Ambassadors’ will be trained and they will in turn transfer the knowledge and skills acquired to their colleagues.

Environmental education, Ecological School and intervention through Eco Centers in the Greater Maputo region. Carlos Serra, Mozambique

The role of environmental education in the education of a new generation, through the pilot experience of working in primary schools, through the Ecological School project, and the beginning of an integrated environmental approach, based on the installation Eco Centers.

Experience Sharing & Best Practices from Let´s Do It Mauritius. Ashley Gooljar, Mauritius

The speech will focus on providing a Mauritian perspective to the clean-up campaign. Ashley will share some strategies they have used to make their campaign a success. Ashley will also provide a personal account on how a whole school community united its force for a common goal – to clean up and protect the environment.

How to create a positive impact with help of sport. Moncef Zemmouchi, ACNOA

After organizing many events in relation of cleaning the world, Moncef always invited sports teams and famous sports personalities to be part of the events. Moncef also organized the same days with non sport side, the comparison between the two were surprising as Moncef noticed that the sport world had a better impact in all the figures the ACNOA participation has proven this positive impact thanks to sport.

Trash Hack – the educational programme for youth. Lily King, UNESCO

Trash Hacks are small actions to reduce waste which can lead to big ideas for the planet. Find out how to join UNESCO to Trash Hack your life, school, neighbourhood and the world with Education for Sustainable Development.

World Largest Lesson.  Millie Edwards, United Kingdom

World Largest Lesson is launching a child-led campaign, facilitating students in their call for universal climate and environmental education. Children will access fun and interactive digital toolkit that leads them through activities culminating in a written call to action for climate and environmental education that they can share with decision-makers.

Relax! Nothing is under control – be you. Gafnit Salvi, Isreal.

Gafnit Salvi learned at the art academy in Jerusalem. In the last 27 years, she is the promoter of The Template Of Peace Youth Movement in Israel, and founder member of the GET School in Israel, developing of models of education to the 21st Century.




  • Ashley Gooljar
    Ashley Gooljar
    keynote speaker

    I am a Science teacher at Northfields International School. I am also the eco-school coordinator at my school. I enjoy sharing my passion for the environment with my students.
    I am also involved in animal protection and care. I have recently discovered the joy of fostering kittens. I feel immense pride in helping animals in need to survive and find good homes.

  • Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    conference moderator

    Colm Flynn is an Irish TV and radio host who covers stories all over the world for networks like the BBC and RTÉ. He is currently based in Rome where he is covering the Vatican. He has been hosting the World Clean Up Day Show since 2018 and takes pride in being part of the global movement, “For me, it’s an honor to be part of the Let’s Do It family!

  • Gafnit Salvi
    Gafnit Salvi
    keynote speaker

    Creative Education Designer
    Gafnit Salvi learned at the art academy in Jerusalem. In the last 27 years she is the promoter of The Template Of Peace Youth Movement in Israel, and founder member of the GET School in Israel, developing of models of education to the 21st Century.
    And the funder member and the developing international youth activity the Y-TOP ( YOUNG TEMPLATE OF PEACE) www.ytop.or

  • Kate Opoku
    Kate Opoku
    keynote speaker

    Mrs. Kate Opoku is an environmental activist with depth of practical experience in environmental management and the Country Leader of Let’s Do It Ghana. Kate has led Let’s Do It Ghana to achieve creditable results of raising awareness on plastic pollution and effective waste management with the aim at promoting positive behaviour change among community members and the Ghanaian citizenry.

  • Lily King
    Lily King
    keynote speaker

    Associate Project Officer in UNESCO’s Section of Education for Sustainable Development, I manage UNESCO’s Trash Hack campaign which encourages young people to get active in fighting waste

  • Millie Edwards
    Millie Edwards
    keynote speaker

    Millie Edwards is Network Coordinator at World’s Largest Lesson, an international educational campaign run in partnership with UNICEF. Currently working on a climate education advocacy campaign, whose ambition is to ensure holistic environmental and climate change education is placed in national curriculums. Alongside this work, Millie works as an Art Psychotherapist.

  • Moncef Zemmouchi
    Moncef Zemmouchi
    keynote speaker

    zemmouchi moncef has been educated in UK and he occupied many ecider posts in business consultancy and also in organising seminars in different topics as environment part of it he joined LET S DO IT as a leader of Algeria and for many years he participated at every event
    he is also vice president of badminton federation and medditerranean confederation ,actually i am advisor /president of ACNOA

  • Noel Nyadanu
    Noel Nyadanu
    keynote speaker

    On surface, Noël is a Lawyer by training, but deeply a crazy passionate about ecology. I join this great family full of human values with a vision that goes beyond ecology three years ago; and ready to put all my competence at its service to help achieving the common goal of waste free world, and healthy planet for all, the happiness of all mankind. I’m the Leader of the movement in TOGO

  • Serra Carlos
    Serra Carlos
    keynote speaker

    Founding member and General Director of the Environmental Education Cooperative Repensar (Rethink), aimed at carrying out environmental education and awareness raising activities for children and young people; National Coordinator of Let’s Do It Mozambique (which organizes World Cleaning Day

  • Stephan Senghor
    Stephan Senghor
    keynote speaker

    At the crossroads of business and activism, Stéphan is a seasoned environmental and social entrepreneur who applies his experience to work with organizations and communities in transitioning towards sustainability.
    He holds the firm belief that in Africa environmental-based experiential learning can shift the paradigm and help the youth to contribute to building a better world.

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    Zoom support: Raimo
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