Moderator: Colm Flynn

Who are the biggest polluters of 2020? Break Free From Plastic Brand Audit Results. Sybil Bullock, United States

Break Free From Plastic is a global movement of over 10,000 changemakers working to end plastic pollution for good. Our annual brand audit unites people all over the world to record data on plastic waste and reveal the companies trashing the most places with the most plastic so that together, we can hold them accountable and pressure these companies to bring about real change.

Holding Large Companies Responsible: The Power of Individual Consumers. Christine Figgener, Costa Rica

As consumers, we support businesses every day by buying products. More often than not, and many times without knowing, we are supporting the largest plastic polluters out there. Consumer choices, however, dictate the supply and can bring about serious change in the product landscape as large companies adapt to the demands. We need to all become well-educated consumers so we can spot greenwashing.

How the food industry is tackling the global waste problem. Laura Degallaix, Belgium

Food and drink packaging plays a key role in protecting and preserving food and drink products for consumers however it is urgent to take further actions to tackle the plastic pollution problem. The European food and drink sector has developed a roadmap of actions to support the societal transition towards a circular economy; these actions include limiting the use of packaging, improving packaging design and supporting collection, sorting and recycling.

Whose responsibility is textile waste? Producer’s role in the transition towards a circular textile industry. Kerli Kant Hvass, Estonia

Textiles have become a focus area in the EU and globally. The growing amounts of textile waste and the need to find solutions to divert these textiles from landfills are pressing. Transitioning the textile industry to a circular economy is a complex and multi-faceted field involving many stakeholders across the globe. It requires systems thinking, respect for natural and human resources, better products and responsible consumer behaviour. Fast fashion is considered as one root of the problem and producers have a responsibility. What is the role of producers in minimizing textile waste and facilitating the transition to circular textile industry?

Time to go Beyond the Clean-Up the Errors of the Past (and create the society that takes us to the future). Gunter Pauli, Japan

We need a new approach to reality : we use what we have and focus on responding to the basic needs with what we have. This means that the next time you see a plastic bottle, you refuse to consume it ensure that drinking water is available as it has been for thousands of years without a PET bottle. We cannot only clean-up. We must correct the errors of the past and secure that we design the future.

HOT DEBATE ” TO BLAME OR COOPERATE” by Sybil Bullock, Christine Figgener, Laura Degallaix, Kerli Kant Hvass

Moderator: Margo Loor/Speaksmart, Estonia



  • Christine Figgener
    Christine Figgener
    keynote speaker

    I am a marine conservation biologist and passionate Ocean advocate.
    l have dedicated my life to the conservation of sea turtles and their oceanic habitat, and this includes the fight against ocean plastic pollution. My claim to fame is a viral video I filmed and uploaded in 2015 that documents the removal of a plastic straw from a marine turtle’s nose by my research team.

  • Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    conference moderator

    Colm Flynn is an Irish TV and radio host who covers stories all over the world for networks like the BBC and RTÉ. He is currently based in Rome where he is covering the Vatican. He has been hosting the World Clean Up Day Show since 2018 and takes pride in being part of the global movement, “For me, it’s an honor to be part of the Let’s Do It family!

  • Gunter Pauli
    Gunter Pauli
    keynote speaker

    Gunter Pauli (1956) is an entrepreneur, pedagogue and author. He pioneers innovations and creates new (disruptive) business models. Gunter accompanied over 200 projects over the past quarter of a century, translating ideas with solid science into a vision implemented through entrepreneurship. These initiatives have evolved in three unicorns and dozens of demonstrations on how to transform society

  • Kerli Kant Hvass
    Kerli Kant Hvass
    keynote speaker

    Kerli Kant Hvass (PhD) is a Circular Economy Lead at the Estonian Business School and a Founder of an independent advisory platform REVALUATE that facilitates circular economy transition through research, consultancy and hands-on projects. Kerli has worked with sustainability and circular economy over 15 years internationally in private, public, non-profit sectors and academia.

  • Laura Degallaix
    Laura Degallaix
    keynote speaker

    Laura Degallaix is the Environmental Sustainability Director of FoodDrinkEurope, the association representing the European food and drink industry. She was previously the Director of the European environmental NGO, ECOS, for nearly seven years and had 10 years of environmental policy experience working with consumer NGOs on a wide range of issues including sustainable consumption and production, e

  • Margo Loor
    Margo Loor
    keynote speaker

    Margo has been in the LDI movement since the first cleanup in Estonia in 2008. The ecosphere, which our own species is naturally a part of, has always been very important to him. He has served as a moderator in earlier LDIW Conferences and his moderator CV can be found here

  • Sybil Bullock
    Sybil Bullock
    keynote speaker

    Sybil is coordinating the Break Free From Plastic global brand audit project, a citizen science initiative working to identify the corporations most responsible for plastic pollution and hold them accountable. In this role, she supports BFFP members around the world to organize brand audits, collect their data, and amplify their stories in the annual “BRANDED” report.

  • Xtra Graphic Recorder: Jens Nordmann
    Xtra Graphic Recorder: Jens Nordmann
    graphic recorder

    My Name is Jens Nordmann. I live in Berlin with two wonderful kids. Here I work as an illustrator and graphic recorder. In these funktions I ´m glad to support social projects en environmentally orientated working organizations.
    Itś great for me to bring in my skills for a change making Projekt like the „World Clean Up Day“. Check out my work on or on Instagram as jens_nordmann_visualthinking

  • Zoom Support: Holger
    Zoom Support: Holger
    zoom support

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