Moderator: Colm Flynn

Plastic producers must design products and packages for reuse and recycling. Richard Anthony, United States

To cool the planet and conserve resources and eliminate litter, plastic producers must be required to produce products and packages that can be reused and recycled. Producers need to be required to use minimum content of post consumer resins and provide opportunities for recovery of these resins.

A new standard to create new sustainable business models. Agustin Correa, Chile

From the experience gained in several years of work around innovation through design and its application to Circular Economy, Agustín will address flagship case studies and the lessons learnt in the process of ideation and execution.

Panel discussion ” Reduce, reuse or recycle?” by Richard Anthony, Agustin Corre




  • Agustin Correa
    Agustin Correa
    keynote speaker

    Agustín Correa Larraín is a chilean civil industrial engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering and product design. He leads the New Business Developmet Unit at TriCiclos, a 11-year old BCorp focused on engineering solutions at the forefront of a Circular Economy wave of change in LATAM.

  • Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    conference moderator

    Colm Flynn is an Irish TV and radio host who covers stories all over the world for networks like the BBC and RTÉ. He is currently based in Rome where he is covering the Vatican. He has been hosting the World Clean Up Day Show since 2018 and takes pride in being part of the global movement, “For me, it’s an honor to be part of the Let’s Do It family!

  • Richard Anthony
    Richard Anthony
    keynote speaker

    Richard Anthony began his career in Public Administration in 1971 as a manager of the California State University Long Beach Recycling Center and received a MS in Public Administration in 1974. He has worked his entire career in environmental program management positions. He is a director of the Zero Waste International Alliance, Zero Waste San Diego, ZWUSA, and the Albatross Coalition.

  • Zoom Support: Holger
    Zoom Support: Holger
    zoom support

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Saturday, 30. Jan 21


20:00 - 21:30

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