Moderator: Colm Flynn

The booster for zero waste programmes and sustainability: recycling organics. Enzo Favoino, Italy

Proper management of organics is at the intersection of Zero Waste strategies and many other environmental issues such as fighting desertification, mitigating climate change through C sequestration, resilience and fertility of soils. Global practice shows that compost schemes of organics are viable, cost-effective and boost overall performances of Zero Waste programmes.

Smartswap- a smart platform to swap things. Heikki Laidma, Estonia

SmartSwap is a peer-to-peer community that tackles consumerism and humanity’s ecological footprint by enabling item swaps and reuse of already produced items instead of purchasing newly manufactured ones. Heikki talk about what they do, why they do and how they do it in 

How do we use an App to manage national events and trash data? Ying Zhao, China

Ying will talk about the background, development and characteristics of how to develop the Pickup Planet Mini App with the Chinese team, how to use this tool to carry out various types of activities in 2020, how to achieve win-win results with different partners, and how to make a simple analysis of the garbage data collected.

How Estonian Deposit and Recycling System reduces littering and encourages recycling. Kerttu-Liina Urke, Estonia

In the past 15 years of operation, Estonian Deposit and Recycling System has collected and sent to recycling over 4 billion deposit-subjected beverage packagings. Thus, in an Estonia with a population of 1.3 million, an average of nine out of ten deposit packagings sold are returned for reprocessing. Organisation deals with the recycling of plastic, glass, and metal packagings of carbonised drinks and low-alcohol beverages. 

Online course “Recycling School”. Sofia Pivtorak, Ukraine

Waste is an important resource. Instead of polluting the water and ground, it can be recycled and by this get a new life. Now imagine that you do not need to look for special sorting stations anymore – because you can do it just in your school. In this course, you will study how progressively minded students have an impact on their cities’ development.

Waste Management & Circular Economy. Zillay Sohail, Pakistan

Global change in businesses has taken a new path and this has now forced us to start rethinking about sustainable approaches. Corporates are continuously creating packaging as a source of pollutants as well as processed waste which is dumped mostly at random sites. Using this as a resource shall create an impact on circular economy thus maintaining the sustainability of the projects.

Kamikatsu Zero Waste Town – First Zero Waste Village in Japan. Linda Ding, Japan

In 2003, Kamikatsu became the first town in Japan to make a declaration to become a Zero Waste town and recycle 100% of waste. The village has worked to achieve this goal by creating an innovative recycling system—separating waste into 45 different categories. People interested in Kamikatsu can visit the town through INOW—a homestay program to learn about zero waste.



  • Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    conference moderator

    Colm Flynn is an Irish TV and radio host who covers stories all over the world for networks like the BBC and RTÉ. He is currently based in Rome where he is covering the Vatican. He has been hosting the World Clean Up Day Show since 2018 and takes pride in being part of the global movement, “For me, it’s an honor to be part of the Let’s Do It family!

  • Enzo Favoino
    Enzo Favoino
    keynote speaker

    Enzo Favoino is a Zero Waste, Circular Economy and compost expert. He has 30 years of experience in designing separate collection, promoting composting schemes, and implementing ZW strategies and practices. He has helped many National and International isntitutions, including the EU. He’s the Scientific Coordinator of Zero Waste Europe, and lead author of the Keep It Clean Plan

  • Heikki Laidma
    Heikki Laidma
    keynote speaker

    Start-up entrepreneur and grass root level environmentalist. After being co-founder of several successful social data and financial services start-ups I decided that my next project has to have measurable positive environmental and social impact. With I have done exactly that and now it just needs to grow.

  • Kerttu-Liina Urke
    Kerttu-Liina Urke
    keynote speaker

    Kerttu-Liina is Office and Communications Manager of Estonian Deposit Refund System. She has been working in organisation for last 9 years. Through the job speciality she has systematically raised publicity´s awareness of the recycling of packagings.

  • Linda Ding
    Linda Ding
    keynote speaker

    Writer who moved to Kamikatsu, drawn by its natural beauty. Now I run a Homestay program to give people a new perspective on life, one that values slow, hands-on, do it by yourself philosophies.
    If anyone from the session has more questions we’d be happy to connect. Your can reach us at or by our website

  • Sofia Pivtorak
    Sofia Pivtorak
    keynote speaker

    I have been interested in public activities since I was 14 years old. Implemented different projects at school. Then, I joined the Let’s Do It Ukraine movement in 2016. I have extensive experience in involving educational institutions in projects and activities.

  • Xtra Graphic Recorder: Jens Nordmann
    Xtra Graphic Recorder: Jens Nordmann
    graphic recorder

    My Name is Jens Nordmann. I live in Berlin with two wonderful kids. Here I work as an illustrator and graphic recorder. In these funktions I ´m glad to support social projects en environmentally orientated working organizations.
    Itś great for me to bring in my skills for a change making Projekt like the „World Clean Up Day“. Check out my work on or on Instagram as jens_nordmann_visualthinking

  • Ying Zhao
    Ying Zhao
    keynote speaker

    In 2018, she joined the China team of world clean day, responsible for cooperative development and Internet product operation. She has worked in some of China’s largest Internet companies, such as Tencent and iqiyi, as product operation and business development.

  • Zillay Sohail
    Zillay Sohail
    keynote speaker

    I am Ph D Scholar, environmentalist and working on integrated waste management for more than a decade. My journey started with a local waste management company in Pakistan and after a decade of serving others, started my own venture as a business woman with young, energetic and enthusiatic associates. Team being specialized in waste management cnverted waste into fuel and organic soil conditioner.

  • Zoom Support: Holger
    Zoom Support: Holger
    zoom support

Our tech support leads through the session and supports you in the technical questions about this event.


Saturday, 30. Jan 21


09:00 - 10:30

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