Moderator: Colm Flynn

From Great Global Cleanup to citizen science. Kathleen Rogers, Earth Day

Kathleen will discuss’s shift from organizing group clean-ups to promoting individual clean-ups while closely adhering local guidelines. She will also highlight the success of’s citizen science app, Earth Challenge, in allowing individuals to continue participating in climate science and engage their local governments through petitions during the pandemic.

Waste-free future in Africa. William Carew, African Union

We will be looking at the role of African CSOs in the quest of improving sanitation and improving waste management in Africa

Can cities be waste wise? Andre Dzikus, UN-Habitat

Uncollected and mismanaged municipal solid waste is one of the major global challenges, contributing to climate change, air pollution, soil degradation and marine litter. However, sustainable waste management following the 5Rs – Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – decreases GHG emissions, lessens dependency on resource imports and creates local green jobs, starting the shift towards a circular economy.

Turning it Around for Climate Action and a Waste Free Future. Anand Kantaria, UN SDG

The Time Is Now: the world now faces the deepest global health, social and economic crises in a century, coupled with the growing destruction of biodiversity, the worsening impacts of the climate crisis, increasing and intersecting inequalities. All this means we are at a turning point for people and planet. Let’s turn it around together for climate action and a waste free world!

PANEL DISCUSSION ” DO WE HAVE (WASTE-FREE) FUTURE?” by Heidi Solba, Anand Kantaria, Nele Kapp, Kathleen Rogers



  • Anand Kantaria
    Anand Kantaria
    keynote speaker

    Anand is a long time campaigner working with the UN SDG Action Campaign as Head of Advocacy. Anand has worked in the UN system for 15 years with advocacy, communications and data innovation roles with the World Food Programme, UN Foundation and UNDP. Anand has been the project lead for several award winning initiatives such as Stand Up Against Poverty and MY World 2015.

  • Andre Dzikus
    Andre Dzikus
    keynote speaker

    Andre Dzikus is the Chief of Urban Basic Services. Previously he was the Coordinator of the Urban Basic Services Branch (UBSB) at UN-Habitat and the Acting Coordinator of the Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch. Urban basic services at UN Habitat covers its work on water and sanitation, energy, transport, solid waste, ICT.

  • Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator

    Colm Flynn is an Irish TV and radio host who covers stories all over the world for networks like the BBC and RTÉ. He is currently based in Rome where he is covering the Vatican. He has been hosting the World Clean Up Day Show since 2018 and takes pride in being part of the global movement, “For me, it’s an honor to be part of the Let’s Do It family!

  • Elo Võrk
    Elo Võrk
    keynote speaker

    Leading projects, campaigns and employee voluntary contribution with societal impact in Telia Estonia

  • Heidi Solba
    Heidi Solba
    President of Let's Do It World

    Founder, President and Head of the Global Network at Let’s Do It World NGO. With belief that everything is possible, the biggest task to her was to create the worldwide network in 150 countries.
    With years of experience in private, public and non -governmental sector, Heidi does have strategical and practical experience in HR management, leadership capacity building, org. development and CSR.

  • Kathleen Rogers
    Kathleen Rogers
    Keynote Speaker

    Kathleen Rogers is the President of EARTHDAY.ORG. Under her leadership, EARTHDAY.ORG has grown into a global year-round policy and activist organization with an international professional staff. For decades, she has been at the vanguard of developing campaigns and programs focused on diversifying the environmental movement.

  • Nele Kapp
    Nele Kapp
    keynote speaker

    Nele Kapp is Associate Human Settlements Officer at the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and is working on improving solid waste management globally as part of the Urban Basic Services Section. She has a background in environmental sciences and environmental and bioresource management, focusing on solid waste. Before joining UN-Habitat she worked as consulting engineer in Vienna.

  • William Carew
    William Carew
    keynote speaker

    William Carew is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa, pursuing doctoral studies on Development Planning and Public Administration and has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management from the University of Derby in the UK. He has more than 20 years of International Development experience in International and local NGOs in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia

  • Zoom support: Raimo
    Zoom support: Raimo
    Zoom support

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Friday, 29. Jan 21


14:00 - 15:30

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