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Moderator: Heidi Solba, the President of Let’s Do It World

The General Assembly is for the Let’s Do It World NGO member organisations to be involved into organisation development and decision making process for the future of the organisation. The registration link will be sent to e-mails of leaders separately. 

The Agenda

Let’s Do It World Annual report 2020
Let’s Do It World Regional reports
Let’s Do It World Annual report for European region
Let’s Do It World Annual report for Asian region
Let’s Do It World Annual report for African region
Let’s Do It World Annual report for LATAM region
Let’s Do It World Annual report for Oceania region
Let’s Do It World Annual report for North America region
Let’s Do It World Leaders Survey 2020
Let’s Do It World  Strategy and Action Plan 2021 – 2023
Let’s Do It World Partners Policy
NOTION – new virtual office ofLet’s Do It World
Let’s Do It World Calendar
Let’s Do It World Budget 2021
World Cleanup Day 2021
Let’s Do It World  Conference 2022



  • Anna Gril
    Anna Gril
    keynote speaker

    Anna is LDIW Director for Europe. She is also Vice-President of the member organization, World Cleanup Day – France which she co-founded in 2017. Passionate about waste management optimisation, she believes in a world where the waste of some could become a resource for others. In order to bring her contribution in this direction, she has established her own consulting company, Eco-sulting.

  • Anneli Ohvril
    Anneli Ohvril
    keynote speaker

    Anneli Ohvril is one of the founder and CEO of Let’s Do It World NGO, the international environmental organisation that engage leaders and organisations around the globe. Anneli is an expert in social change, circular economy, sustainable communication and marketing and having strong experience, especially in social campaigns to create a positive impact. She is also a trainer, mentor and leader.

  • Heidi Solba
    Heidi Solba
    President of Let's Do It World

    Founder, President and Head of the Global Network at Let’s Do It World NGO. With belief that everything is possible, the biggest task to her was to create the worldwide network in 150 countries.
    With years of experience in private, public and non -governmental sector, Heidi does have strategical and practical experience in HR management, leadership capacity building, org. development and CSR.

  • Holger Holland
    Holger Holland
    keynote & workshop speaker

    Holger Holland is founder and president of Let’s Do It! Germany NGO. The
    environmental organisation that engage leaders and organisations in Germany. Holger is an expert in IT, projectmanagement, social entrepreneurship, community communication and social business modeling. He is also a lecturer, mentor and leader in business, economic and management perspectives.

  • Ingrid Nielsen
    Ingrid Nielsen
    workshop speaker

    Ingrid is the Head of Communications for Let’s Do It World. She has a background in media and has studied anthropology. Having lived most of her adult life abroad in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, she has made a commitment to always thinking globally. Ingrid embraces change and challenge and thrives best when allowed to structure and share knowledge to help others perform their best.

  • Mårtensson pål Mårten
    Mårtensson pål Mårten
    keynote speaker

    Pal has a long and internationally respected experience in waste management. He is one of the master minds for Project “Zmart Zero Waste Living” – which goal is to educate about waste, and how to reduce it to zero, he’s also been involved in the Project “Living the Life” – which goal is to educate people on the need to adopt a new lifestyle and to assist them in changing their habits in regards to

  • Mauro Borsella
    Mauro Borsella
    keynote speaker

    Born in Patagonia Argentina (Trelew, Chubut – 1977), I have a bachelor’s and a postgraduate degree in Environmental Management, finishing my master’s thesis. Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Region of the NGO Let´s Do It World (Estonia 2008) and founder of “Veo Veo Eyeglasses Bank”, a social organization that provides eyeglasses to people in need in Argentina and Mexico.

  • Sovann Nou
    Sovann Nou
    Regional Director- Asia, Let's Do It World

    Solving waste problems, iCleanup (integrated cleanup with circular economy, other innovative programs – lead to a more sustainable solution) a bridge, a smarter tool to bring doers (not players, actors) from all sectors together (Public, Private, Civil Society), spread message, make the problems visible, feel, smell, attention, build ownership among communities though involving them to take further action to keep their community clean. Way forward to end plastic pollution in Cambodia and in the majority of countries in Asia, is to close the tab while cleaning up legacy wastes in nature especially rivers and ocean are the most vulnerable, and worse of all the water we drink, food we eat, the air we breathe. So, stop hating plastic, start loving it by valuing them, let’s use, reuse, recycle – Let’s spread LOVE! I’m going to share with you our initiative “Trash from rivers and sea to trees on land”

  • Stephan Senghor
    Stephan Senghor
    keynote speaker

    At the crossroads of business and activism, Stéphan is a seasoned environmental and social entrepreneur who applies his experience to work with organizations and communities in transitioning towards sustainability.
    He holds the firm belief that in Africa environmental-based experiential learning can shift the paradigm and help the youth to contribute to building a better world.

  • William Willoughby
    William Willoughby
    keynote speaker
  • Zoom Support: Holger
    Zoom Support: Holger
    zoom support

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Sunday, 31. Jan 21


14:00 - 16:00

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