Moderator: Ingrid Nielsen, Estonia

Each year 4.5 TRILLION cigarette butts end up in nature. In this workshop, we will hear hands-on case studies of communicating through activities to create awareness of cigarette butt litter. Participants are invited to engage in a discussion and brainstorm in groups on how to put campaign messages in action on the ground.

Cigarette Butts as Art Activism. Bodil Fosgaard, Denmark

Bodil Fosgaard is the founder of “Green Movement” and the person behind the Instagram profile “made_by_my_butts” As an activist she works with behavioristic methods and nudging – in a unique way – with the one purpose: To achieve a clean environment, with NO cigarette butts.

Mountain of Shame” & “Chalk of Shame”. Miquel Garau Ginard, Poland

Help people see, 2 strategies: Collect cigarette butts and put them together to give the message “The Planet is not an ashtray” (Mountain of Shame). 2º Strategy, do NOT collect the cigarette butts, instead circle them using chalk and educate the smokers (Chalk of Shame). Which one is the best strategy?

Cigarette Butts – How to get the message across. Jason Alexander, United Kingdom

How do we help smokers understand that cigarette butts belong in a bin and not on the ground? Jason shares his thoughts and some of the interesting discoveries he’s found along the way.



  • Bodil Fosgaard
    Bodil Fosgaard
    keynote speaker

    I, Bodil Fosgaard from Denmark, have created multiple initiatives with the purpose of achieving a clean environment. I work in a unique style and have an innovative and engaging approach. The aim is to get attention and awareness on the problem with cigarette butts in the environment – as a way to achieve behavioral changes. The dream is a world with a green environment, with no cigarette-butts

  • Ingrid Nielsen
    Ingrid Nielsen
    workshop speaker

    Ingrid is the Head of Communications for Let’s Do It World. She has a background in media and has studied anthropology. Having lived most of her adult life abroad in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, she has made a commitment to always thinking globally. Ingrid embraces change and challenge and thrives best when allowed to structure and share knowledge to help others perform their best.

  • Jason Alexander
    Jason Alexander
    keynote speaker

    Founder of Rubbish Walks, a social enterprise based in the U.K. inspiring and motivating others around the world to produce less waste and tackle the issue of littering (with a particular interest in cigarette butt litter).

  • Miquel Garau Ginard
    Miquel Garau Ginard
    keynote speaker

    I am 35 years old from Mallorca (Spain) and I started as an activist in 2016 when I was living in Barcelona. What would you do 1 hour a day if it was not for money? – Well, I decided that I would fight cigarette butts pollution, nowadays I have 2 global movements “No más colillas en el suelo” what it means “No more cigarette butts on the ground” and “Chalk of Shame.

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Saturday, 30. Jan 21


20:00 - 21:30

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