Moderator: Nele Kapp, UN–Habitat

Let’s be wise, waste wise.

The workshop will first present different areas of UN-Habitat waste management work, such as the ‘Waste Wise Cities Tool (WaCT)’ and success stories from several country offices (India, Lebanon, Ethiopia) to explore sustainable solutions for municipal solid waste management and knowledge transfer. The second part of the workshop gives participants the possibility to discuss in smaller groups.

Reverse Vending Machines: engaging with local authorities, communities and the private sector towards a clean environment and circular economy Elie Mansour, UN-Habitat Lebanon

In a context lacking proper solid waste management, and after consecutive crisis leading to civil unrest. UN-Habitat Lebanon initiated the idea of incentivizing recycling through the implementation of Reverse Vending Machines in poor areas. The project bridged between local authorities and communities with the private sector to save the environment and transform waste to wealth.

Zero waste wards: Initiatives in Indian Cities to adopt circular strategies to waste reduction. Swati Sambyal, India





  • Andre Dzikus
    Andre Dzikus
    keynote speaker

    Andre Dzikus is the Chief of Urban Basic Services. Previously he was the Coordinator of the Urban Basic Services Branch (UBSB) at UN-Habitat and the Acting Coordinator of the Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Branch. Urban basic services at UN Habitat covers its work on water and sanitation, energy, transport, solid waste, ICT.

  • Elie Mansour
    Elie Mansour
    keynote speaker

    Civil Engineer and Urban Planner. Head of the Urban Planning and Design unit with UN-Habitat Lebanon.
    Have been engaged in humanitarian operations in Lebanon since 2014, and led several initiatives and interventions related to basic urban services (including solid waste management) through engagement with local authorities and communities and lately with the private sector.

  • Nele Kapp
    Nele Kapp
    keynote speaker

    Nele Kapp is Associate Human Settlements Officer at the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and is working on improving solid waste management globally as part of the Urban Basic Services Section. She has a background in environmental sciences and environmental and bioresource management, focusing on solid waste. Before joining UN-Habitat she worked as consulting engineer in Vienna.

  • Swati Sambyal
    Swati Sambyal
    keynote speaker

    Swati has worked in Global South on development issues concerning integrated waste and resource management for over a decade . She has been a part of the National Geographic forum on circular economy. Swati is trained at Swedish EPA, Stockholm and Norwegian EPA, Oslo on environmental governance and planning. She is presently associated as a Waste Management Specialist with UNHABITAT India.

  • Xtra Graphic Recorder: Nathalie Töpperwien Blom
    Xtra Graphic Recorder: Nathalie Töpperwien Blom
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  • Zoom Support: Holger
    Zoom Support: Holger
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Friday, 29. Jan 21


11:00 - 12:30

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