Moderator: Jop Blom, Netherland

How to build partnerships and optimize resources to accelerate your impact on World Cleanup Day 2021! Jop Blom, Netherland

The resource mobilisation policy of LDIW. Khan Agha Dawoodzai, Afghanistan

Portal 365. Adel Salah, Yemen

How to keep a good relationship with enterprises during COVID-19. Leo Lin, Taiwan

After speakers, we continue with the discussions and sharing best practises on how to mobilize resources for World Cleanup Day and other green initiatives



  • Adel Salah
    Adel Salah
    keynote speaker
  • Jop Blom
    Jop Blom
    keynote speaker

    Passionate accelerator and connector for positive impact in the world. Serial sustainable entrepreneur Jop Blom brings in over 2 decades of experience of empowering sustainable entrepreneurship beyonds borders. He founded many sustainable ventures supporting hundreds of leading public private and civil society partners to increase their positive impact in the world!

  • Khan Agha Dawoodzai
    Khan Agha Dawoodzai
    keynote speaker


  • Leo Lin
    Leo Lin
    keynote speaker

    I served as the LDI leader in Taiwan for 4 years and organized the annual WCD with sufficient funds from enterprises. I leveraged my relationships in my consulting life to input resources for Let’s Do It.

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Saturday, 30. Jan 21


09:00 - 10:30

The event is finished.

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