Moderator: Colm Flynn

World Cleanup Day 2020 in numbers and emotions. Heidi Solba, Estonia

World Cleanup Day engaged amazingly 11 million people from 166 countries on 19 of September 2020. Due to restrictions imposed due to COVID-19, the organisers in all countries had to be super flexible and find new possibilities to work for a waste-free future.

Cleanups even with COVID-19. Steve Jewett, William Willoughby, United States

Go Outdoors, Have Fun, and CleanUp. We will be expanding on the Keynote and taking about new projects to share for World CleanUp Day 2021. Pivoting from large, locally organized cleanups to small, socially distanced cleanups with COVID-19 was challenging yet simple. Let’s share in our successes, challenges, and ideas for 2021.

Engagement of cigarette butt campaign and government. Nima Zare, Iran

Iran’s team organized a successful World Cleanup Day on the 18th of September 2020, concentrating on cigarette butts littering. In addition to many participants from across the country, they had great success in drawing politicians’ attention to this activity as well.

Sorting as the focus of World Cleanup Day. Ranitya Nurlita, Indonesia

World Cleanup Day Indonesia has been a success in 2020. It involved around 4.2 million volunteers. The campaign called Cleanup Action and Waste Segregation. More than 4000 tons of waste were segregated and managed by waste banks, recycling companies, and local municipalities. 236 cities and regions, 1.353 schools, 3.430 communities in total, plus 176 universities joined the action.

Waste and brand audit to increase the impact of World Cleanup Day.  Ana Rocha, Tanzania

Presentation on how to increase the impact of the World Cleanup Day through data collection in waste and brand audits.

More than cleaning! How to add music, sports, church etc to the event. Mart Normet, Estonia

In Estonia, World Cleanup Day is constantly evolving and expanding its boundaries. It is one of the key environmental events of the year that is kown across the country and reaches different target groups. We work together with various influential partners and together we create different experiences that add extra value to cleaning.

Successfully Organizing World Cleanup day 2020 in Ethiopia. Haregewoin Bekele Haregewoin, UN-Habitat Ethiopia

Haregewoin is the acting country program manager at UN-Habitat Ethiopia. The global UN organization thrives towards achieving sustainable cities and communities and is managing projects in Ethiopia since 2013. In 2020, UN-Habitat Ethiopia engaged amazingly 862 000 participants to World Cleanup Day which made UN-Habitat the biggest mobiliser in Africa.

Cooperation is the key. Holger Holland, Germany

For the successful implementation of our World Cleanup Day, cooperation is the elixir of life. The cooperation with cities and municipalities, the cooperation with organizations that share our values and the added value, the patrons for the success of our commitment – all these are factors that have helped us to double our number of participants even in pandemic times.

BREAK, 10 min

“Let’s do It! Italy”: from 1000 volunteers in 2013 to over 150 thousand in 2020. Vincenzo Capasso, Italy

In 2013, during our first Cleanup Day, we mobilized more than 1000 volunteers and organized 4 cleanup actions. In 2020, in the context of the Covid19 pandemics, more than 150 thousand people took part in the World Cleanup Day in over 2000 events. What is the secret of our success story? Having built a web of proactive collaborations with civil society organizations, citizens, local governments…

To save or to destroy. Shasalim Shagalimov, Kazakhstan

Saving biodiversity in the city and beyond. Kazakhtsan success story.

A fast-growing movement in the Netherlands. Robert Möhring, The Netherland

From 2018 to 2020 the movement in the Netherlands has grown from 2.000 to 40.000 participants. What is the key to success? How do you cooperate with organizations that can amplify your message? How do you develop a cross-media campaign and what needs to be done to deliver the right message to the right target audiences? Robert will present the case study of the Netherlands.

Opportunities are everywhere, connecting people to succeed in all challenges. Virginie DELUGEARD-GUERIN, France

February 2020, during the lockdown period, volunteers were looking for the possibilities to take action. We developed a new program in France called Cyber World CleanUp Day to allow companies and all stakeholders to be part of ‘World Cleanup Day’ and be active. From this, new perspectives opened: another topic to engage people, a new option to talk about waste.

Let’s change the world. José Roberto G. Palafox, Mexico

“Unity is strength and you are the strength of change”. Inspirational speech for world leaders, marking the start of 2021 as a year of change and the perfect time to create alliances that achieve goals. Let’s change the world, let’s do it.



  • Ana Rocha
    Ana Rocha
    keynote speaker

    Ana is Brazilian and has a master’s in business with focus on Business Strategy for Sustainability and Marketing by FGV-SP. She has been permanently living in Tanzania since July 2010. She is the Executive Director for Nipe Fagio, an organization implementing community-based Zero Waste solutions.

  • Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    Conference Moderator: Colm Flynn
    conference moderator

    Colm Flynn is an Irish TV and radio host who covers stories all over the world for networks like the BBC and RTÉ. He is currently based in Rome where he is covering the Vatican. He has been hosting the World Clean Up Day Show since 2018 and takes pride in being part of the global movement, “For me, it’s an honor to be part of the Let’s Do It family!

  • Haregewoin Bekele
    Haregewoin Bekele
    keynote speaker

    I am the acting country program manager at UN Habitat Ethiopia. The global UN organization thrives towards achieving sustainable cities and communities and is managing projects in Ethiopia since 2013. My background in Architecture and Urban Planning and I have worked on several projects in design, construction, supervision, and project management.

  • Heidi Solba
    Heidi Solba
    President of Let's Do It World

    Founder, President and Head of the Global Network at Let’s Do It World NGO. With belief that everything is possible, the biggest task to her was to create the worldwide network in 150 countries.
    With years of experience in private, public and non -governmental sector, Heidi does have strategical and practical experience in HR management, leadership capacity building, org. development and CSR.

  • Holger Holland
    Holger Holland
    keynote & workshop speaker

    Holger Holland is founder and president of Let’s Do It! Germany NGO. The
    environmental organisation that engage leaders and organisations in Germany. Holger is an expert in IT, projectmanagement, social entrepreneurship, community communication and social business modeling. He is also a lecturer, mentor and leader in business, economic and management perspectives.

  • José Roberto G. Palafox
    José Roberto G. Palafox
    keynote speaker

    Is a friend of the world who is certain that change is achieved by working as a team with harmony, love, strategic alliances and a sustainable and efficient development plan. Situational systems analyst, wildlife lover and believer in the magic of teamwork. With more than 8 years of experience in philanthropy, altruism, founder of an NGO. It performs activities in the Government of Mexico City.

  • Mart Normet
    Mart Normet
    keynote speaker

    Country leader of Estonia. Background in TV, marketing and communications.

  • Nima Zare
    Nima Zare
    keynote speaker

    I’m an experienced marketing specialist who has been working with various companies as their marketing and CSR consultant for the past 15 years.
    In addition to my experiences in the business world, I also have a strong background in voluntary works as an environmentalist.

    I have been involved in this field, as a personal passion, since 2004, and I joined the “Let’s Do It World” foundation in 2013. Since then and despite all challenges, my team and I have organized various environmental intervention projects across Iran which resulted in some of the most successful public movements in the country’s history.

  • Ranitya Nurlita
    Ranitya Nurlita
    keynote speaker

    As World Cleanup Day Indonesia Core Team, Ranitya joined in 2018 to deliver her knowledge and passion about the environment. Since 2011, she actively speaks on environmental issues, and by 2015, she established the ASEAN Reusable Bag Campaign and the Sahabat Alam Board Game and in 2019, she decided to set up Waste Solution Hub.

  • Robert Möhring
    Robert Möhring
    keynote speaker

    With years of experience in Media, Marketing and Communication, Robert Möhring has joined the Plastic Soup Foundation in 2019 as the Campaigner on Macro Plastics. He is fighting the pollution of our oceans caused by plastic and he coordinates World Cleanup Day in The Netherlands. With passion, dedication, and full of energy he truly believes we can solve the plastic crisis together.

  • Shasalim Shagalimov
    Shasalim Shagalimov
    keynote speaker

    Shasalim Shagalimov age 41, start the eco projects in 2014 since that time accomplished a lot of cleanups in Kazakhstan. The leader of the “We are for the clean country” movement.

  • Steve Jewett
    Steve Jewett
    workshop speaker

    Steve Jewett is a serial entrepreneur and has started four successful companies. Steve has been helping out in the backcountry for many years and considers the effort to keep the outdoors clean, his “pay it forward.”
    Bill Willoughby has over 30 years’ experience in international business development and has senior industry experience in digital technology, telecommunications, e-cycling.

  • Vincenzo Capasso
    Vincenzo Capasso
    keynote speaker

    Founder and coordinator of ‘Let’s do It! Italy’ since 2013. Expert in Marketing and Communication of the Nonprofit Sector and Social Entreprises with over 10 years’ experience in the sector. Currently trainer of universal civil service volunteers and CEO of, an e-commerce that promotes the Made in Italy in the world.

  • Virginie Delugeard-Guerin
    Virginie Delugeard-Guerin
    keynote speaker

    Urban Planner, Entrepreneur in ecological transition, Zero Waste Coach, Speaker, Co-founder of World CleanUp Day France in 2017 and the current president of French organisation. Everyday, she is taking action to change our habits and life style, to connect people with happiness and fun to create a sustainable world.

  • William Willoughby
    William Willoughby
    keynote speaker
  • Xtra Graphic Recorder: Jens Nordmann
    Xtra Graphic Recorder: Jens Nordmann
    graphic recorder

    My Name is Jens Nordmann. I live in Berlin with two wonderful kids. Here I work as an illustrator and graphic recorder. In these funktions I ´m glad to support social projects en environmentally orientated working organizations.
    Itś great for me to bring in my skills for a change making Projekt like the „World Clean Up Day“. Check out my work on or on Instagram as jens_nordmann_visualthinking

  • Xtra Graphic Recorder: Sandra Bach
    Xtra Graphic Recorder: Sandra Bach
    graphic recorder

    Sandra Bach is a Graphic Recorder, Facilitator and Illustrator based in Weimar, Germany.

  • Zoom Support: Holger
    Zoom Support: Holger
    zoom support
Zoom Support: Holger


Zoom Support: Holger

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