The Host Munich

“Greetings to all of you who are attending the digital Let’s Do It World Conference 2021.

Like so many others at the moment, this conference can only take place digitally. But it takes place and the work can go on! Digital cooperation can also be strengthened and re-established. Information campaigns can be developed, ideas exchanged – ideas for a clean and waste-free environment – worldwide.

The waste collection events are known as “Ramadama” in Bavaria which means “we clean up together” – the promotion as part of the World Cleanup Days 2020 were a complete success in Munich. Even better, on my initiative, the Munich City Council committed itself to making Munich a zero waste city. It is not an easy undertaking as you all know, but it is time to finally tackle it. We are developing a circular economy strategy to keep all resources in circulation as long as possible. With the aim of avoiding any waste at all.

We have also run urban campaigns to make people from Munich aware of more environmental protection. in the end, however, it requires a joint effort by everyone – from politics, administration, business and society as a whole. In order for our vision of a zero waste city to become a reality, it must be possible to reduce waste in everyday life significantly through responsible shopping and through optimization of production and processes in the economy. That is also why this conference is so important.

I look forward to new suggestions and ideas: Let’s do it! World Conference 2021! I wish you all an enjoyable exchange and every success for this conference.”

Dieter Reiter, lord mayor of the State Capital Munich

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Royal Munich

Many buildings in Munich and Bavaria date back to the Bavarian Royals. Most people in the world have heard about or want to see the famous castle “Neuschwanstein” (in the South of Bavaria) built for the Bavarian King Ludwig II who lived and built also the Munich Castle Nymphenburg. You probably want to know what this has to do with cleanups? Well, one can argue that a city that looks beautiful is maintained and cleaned and if it is clean it becomes even more unlikely that you are the one that spoils it with waste. The beauty of the city has certainly manifested a mind-set… Probably similar to New York city’s “broken windows theory” which says that a broken window needs to be repaired directly.

Simply Romantic

Munich for romantics! Of course, the city offers numerous romantic places where you can unwind and follow your heart. Whether you prefer a romantic picnic between flowers and herbs or to walk along the whispering Isar river. You will definitely find plenty of places giving you the feeling to be inside a romantic fairytale. 
Have you ever heard about a romantic walk in a polluted landscape? Hopefully not. Nobody who has a choice wants to live between trash. This understanding and vision drives the World Cleanup Day volunteers. The parks in Munich and the area around the river Isar are the lungs of the city and the romantic places the citiziens enjoy during their free time.

Simply Culture

Munich offers many different cultural attractions. Several theaters, museums and clubs offer a great cultural landscape and make Munich to one of the main cultural centers in Europe.
However, anyone who thinks that there is only culture and art in the conventional sense is mistaken. Great works of art can also be created from collected trash. This is what the artist Andrés Belmar did during our big cleanup campaign in Munich during the World Cleanup Day 2020. He transformed the collected trash directly into a work of art.
Time to look at your trash in a whole new way – as a valuable resource! Trash remains only waste until the loop is closed. A circular economy knows only valuable resources.

Simply Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest – the largest folk festival in the world. Once it’s said “Ozapft is!” (meaning the barrel is tapped) the party starts. Everyone puts on their traditional costume (Dirndl & Lederhosn) and off they go to the “(Theresien-) Wiesn”. Millions of people from all over the world enjoy this incredible spectacle every year. Whether roller coaster rides for the little ones and alcohol for the grown-ups. There is something suitable for every taste. And traditionally, beer does not come from small one-use plastic bottles, but from huge barrels or more modern by under-ground pipelines into the 1l glass Mass. Bigger containers – less one time use means less waste.

Simply Kocherlball

Pleasure meets tradition.
In the English Garden, directly at the Chinese Tower, the annual Kocherlball takes place each year in the green heart of Munich. A folk dance event that follows old traditions. Already in the early morning hours numerous citizens gather here and enjoy the traditional dances, music from former times wearing traditional Dirndl and leather pants or 19th century cloth. Garments were at that time much more valuable than the fast fashion of today. For this background it is nice to observe that second hand cloth becomes more and more fashionable besides collecting textiles and turning them into new yarn or paddings thanks to textile

Simply gastronomy

“Beer gardens” – what could be better than enjoying an after-work beer with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Add to that a delicious “Brotzeit” and the evening is definitely going to be wonderful. The best thing about “Beer Gardens” is that guests are allowed to bring their own food to share with family and friends. This saves unnecessary packaging waste for repackaging and you have lots of different delicacies to try. The beer needs to be bought in the beer garden, but that is fine as it is nicely fresh as it comes cold in the Bavarian Mass (1 liter glass). By the way, Bavarian beer has been brewed according to the Bavarian purity requirements (exclusively with hopes, barely and water) since 1516.

Simply leisure

Surfing in the center of Munich? Yes, you heard right. Every day the Munich Eisbach river wave attracts countless spectators. Surfing pros from all over the world meet here to enjoy riding the famous Eisbach river wave. The wave can be ridden for free at any time of the day!
As if that wasn’t cool enough, the guys from WAU Eco Surfboards together with Rehap Republic came up with something really special. Building a surfboard out of old cigarette butts. Rehab Republic organized cleanups all over Munich and collected countless butts from the ground. These butts were then sorted and further processed in extensive handiwork. The result: A surfboard made of 3500 cigarette butts. The inauguration of the surfboard took place, of course, on the famous Eisbach river wave in Müchnchen during the World Cleanup Day 2020.

Simply champions

We all know the soccer champion FC Bayern Munich! One of the most famous and successful soccer teams in the world. But if you think that the guys are only great on the field, well, you are mistaken. The club is also a champion when it comes to cleanups. Their jerseys are made from collected and recycled plastic waste from the coasts of the Maldives. The ambassador for this brilliant campaign is the Spaniard Xabi Alonso: “I grew up on the beaches of Spain. That’s why I’m particularly happy to be able to wear a shirt that is made of 100 percent recycled marine waste. It’s a great opportunity to draw attention to how important it is to protect the world’s oceans.”

Simply Munich and the mountains

There are few things on our planet as intimidating and equally fascinating as mountains! From small hills to extra-ordinary summits – mountains come in all shapes and colors. Unfortunately, these very special giants are often abused by humans as trash cans. In order to minimize the damage, the Munich Section of the German Mountain Association invited mountain lovers from all across Bavaria to clean up the magnificent mountains while hiking during the World Cleanup Day 2020. The credo and hashtag #hikeuppickup, works as testimony of this unique initiative.

Simply a bird's eye view of Munich

The city of Munich is very proud of its beautiful architecture and its green lungs – its nature and parks. Therefore, it might not come as a surprise that Munich was the lighthouse cleanup of the World Cleanup Day 2020 in Germany on the 19th of September. More than 1,000 participants collected lots of tonnes of waste in and around the English Garden. With the help of radio Energy, Rehab Republic and under the umbrella of Munich’s major Dieter Reiter, the cleanup was a huge success. Let’s Do It Germany e.V. as an organizer realized that including cultural entertainment into the cleanup such as music, art and of course soft drinks lead to an even better atmosphere. Aspects that will play a more important role in future World Cleanup Days so that from a bird’s perspective Munich will remain pretty green.