The first digital is the meeting point for the LDIW global network organized by the Let’s Do It World Headquarter in Estonia. The Conference is hosted by Let’s Do It Germany (LDIG) and supported by Let’s Do It Indonesia (LDII) who will be the host in 2022. The three present themselves in addition to the persons behind the conference.

Let's Do It! World

The headquarter in Estonia

Let’s Do It World NGO is a global organization that unites more than 150 countries. Our flagship event, the World Cleanup Day, is the largest single peacetime civic action against waste, aimed at raising awareness of the scale of the global waste crisis threatening the environment and the lives of millions of people and all living beings.

The World Cleanup Day on 2019 engaged 21,2 million people in 180 countries, on 2020 amazing 11 million people from 166 countries despite the global Covid19 restrictions. Let’s Do It World NGO Headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Let's Do It! Germany

The host

Let’s Do It Germany e.V. was born in 2018 by Holger Holland during his first contacts with the Let’s Do It leadership conference in Albania in 2017. Holger is the founder, since 2018 the president and driving force behind the German team.

Let’s Do It! as a network is only as strong as the bonds between the individual members and different countries. This is why LDI Germany volunteered to become the host of the conference 2021. The credo is Let’s Do It Together and strengthen the community! The digital conference is the plattform in 2021 over and above physical borders and today.

Let's Do It! Indonesia

The supporter

Let’s Do It Indonesia was founded in 2014. It is part of the Let’s Do It World Movement and works with various communities to establish an organisation which leads the largest cleanup action in the world.

On 19 September 2020, about 4.2 million volunteers involved. At the same time, LDI Indonesia is leading a sustainability project called “34 Islands Project” to work with local governments in rural areas to improve waste management and sustainability. The next project, called “Waterways Project”, aims to clean up 50 rivers in Indonesia by using sustainably produced Kayaks provided by LDI World and partners.

Holger Holland

Project leader & management

Since 2018, Holger has been the president of Let’s Do It! Germany. As a consultant for information technology since 2000 and lecturer for project management and business administration, Holger dedicates all his expertise into this digital plattform.

Holger structured the project team, the website content and its functions. He created and installed the collaboration platform (based Google Workspace, Analytics, Wrike…). Moreover, Holger integrated tools like Zoom, YouTube and e-voting into the conference program.

Heidi Solba

Conference & speaker coordination

Since 2015 Heidi has been working with the Let’s Do It World countries network. Her biggest task during 2016 – 2018 was to create the worldwide network in 150 countries, with whom to establish  Let’s Do It World and lead the World Cleanup Day together for a waste-free world. 

From 2019 Heidi serves the global organization as Head of Network, as well as the President of the Let’s Do It World. As a connector of the Let’s Do It World strategy, the network, as well as many partners, has invested her time and knowledge into the creation of the Conference Program.

Anneli Ohvril

Conference program planning

Anneli is in the Let’s Do It movement since 2008 and one of the founders of LDIW NGO in 2019. As organization’s CEO, she takes care of mobilization, finances, partnership, policies, and running the HQ office. With a background in the economy, marketing, and social change management, she is passionate about transforming societies toward circular and regenerative economies.

Anneli designed and developed the conference program and did her best to put together the best virtual conference program that would inspire and empower participants to move towards a clean and waste-free world.

Agustina Iskandar Crombach

Social media coordinater

Co-founder of Let’s Do It Indonesia since 2014 and leader of World Cleanup Day Indonesia since 2017. Together with her team, she is leading 7.6 million volunteers to join the cleanup in Indonesia in 2018, and 9.5 million volunteers in 2019.

She is a passionate person in organizing events and loves to work with her great team to hold a successful event while building various connections and collaborations with governments, private companies, and local communities. Last year, she and her team mobilised 4.2 million volunteers on 19th September 2020.

Stefanie Sacherow

Web content & project coordination

Stefanie is Let’s Do It! Germany member since 2020 and has a 10 year history in project management for trade fairs including conferences. Her cleanups as a volunteer in North Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2018 showed her how essential it is to act now.

Considering the various timezone of the conference participants, Stefanie developed the frame and workflows to schedule and implement the program. Most website content (textes) is from her pen and/or was integrated by her (e.g. speakers). It is also thanks to her that in cooperation with Simply Munich, the section “Host Munich” could be realized.


Humberto Gregorio

UI/UX design/webdesign & technical realization

Humberto has created the screendesign and was responsible for planning & technical realization of this website.

He is agency owner of Linkup, based in Germany, which creates packaging design and UI/UX design/webdesign for many years.

He’s also an Elementor leader and teaches his knowledge in the community.

If you want more information about his his agency, please follow this link:
packaging design or watch the youtube video.

Merike Hallik

Speakers assistance

Merike Hallik joined the Let’s Do It World Headquarters team in 2020. With 30 years of experience in the tourism business and extensive travel, she has often seen situations where changes are desired but still not possible or available. As a volunteer at the LDIW 2020 conference in Tallinn, she realized how important environmental and educational issues are for the World and for her personally.

She communicates with the speakers and coordinates their assisting.

Ingrid Nielsen

Head of communications

Ingrid has followed the Let’s Do It movement ever since 2008 when she was picking up rubbish in Singapore and later in Estonia. In 2018, she volunteered in the communications team for the first World Cleanup Day, and two years later joined the headquarters full-time. 

With a background in journalism and anthropology, Ingrid has been involved in continuing building media channels for Let’s Do It World, developing internal communications workflow and passing on knowledge about communicating in environmental issues. At the conference, she makes sure the world knows about this amazing opportunity, and keeps participants well informed. 

Andy Bahari

Social media design

Andy Bahari is the Coordinator of Public Relations & Marketing for World Cleanup Day Indonesia since 2019. Before starting as a member of the WCD team, Andy joined WCD Indonesia as a regular volunteer and actively involved in waste bank activities and volunteerism. Since in office, he served WCD Indonesia excellently through his design and social media expertise to support the national team.

Sandra Bach

Graphic recorder leader

Sandra Bach is an illustrator, graphic recorder and facilitator based in Weimar, Germany. Sandruschka and her team love to create meaningful, humorous and good looking visuals and designs for a better world.

Since a few years, Sandruschkas „Potato and Cucumber People“ help to carry the message of the WCD and the virtual waste bags on webpages and videos. Since 2019 she’s an active core team member of EVP, European Visual Practitioners, a community that also takes a supporting role in graphic recording  the Clean Conference 2021. 

Philipp Kardinahl

Conceptual preparation

Since the beginning in Germany, Philipp has been supporting the development of Let’s Do It! Germany and the expansion of the World Cleanup Day in Germany. As the person responsible for strategy, public relations and communications, he supports the German team as Vice President of Let’s Do It! Germany.

He is an IT and communication consultant in the political and business world. In his professional life he has initiated and accompanied many policy making processes.

Alina Bakulina

Video support

Alina is a new supporter of Let’s Do It! Germany since she moved to Germany in 2020. With a background in the area of international taxation and transfer pricing both in Ukraine and Russia and over 5-year history in department management, Alina is excited by the ideas of a waste-free world and environmental awareness.
For the Let’s Do It! World Conference 2021 Alina created several videos that were used on the website as well as on social media and that explain the value and use of the event.

Sonja S. Wilhelm

Program structure

Sonja joined the Let’s do it! Germany team in 2019. As team leader for the state of Bavaria, she manages and organizes the state-wide implementation of the World Cleanup Day on a political and societal level.

She was particularly involved in the initial development of the conference concept and the preparation of the program. In addition, she was engaged in content management for various activities. Besides her volunteer activities, she works as an international project manager in the field of Smart Cities, Social Innovations and Renewable Energies.

Sarah Maulina

Coordinator social media

Sarah started as the Coordinator of Partnership & Sponsorship for World Cleanup Day Indonesia since May, 2020. Before she was an active volunteer in cleanup actions for 3 years. Her activities as an external relations coordinator in the Environmental Engineer Student Association led her to participate as a volunteer in Let’s Do It Indonesia.

Farištamo Eller

Social media & party host

Since the beginning of the movement Let’s do it! Farištamo has been aware of the network and seen it as something extraordinary and inspiring for the whole world. She is really happy she was invited to join Let’s Do It World Headquarters in 2020. 

Her interest is in looking for different kinds of information about sustainability and moving towards a waste-free world makes her enjoy working on organisation messages, campaigns, and posts. She also organizes kick-ass online and offline parties for the Network.

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