The second digital is the meeting point for the LDIW global network organized by the Let’s Do It World Headquarter in Estonia. The Conference is hosted by Let’s Do It Indonesia (LDII) and supported by Let’s Do It Germany (LDIG). The three present themselves in addition to the persons behind the conference.

Let's Do It! World

The headquarter in Estonia

Let’s Do It World is one of the world’s largest environmental networks, with active teams tackling the global waste problem in 191 countries. The network’s aim is to catalyze change in society by engaging at least 5% of each country’s  population to World Cleanup Day. To move towards a waste-free world and strive as humankind we need deep and trustful cooperation between governments, civil society and corporations.

Let’s Do It World helps achieve that through national, regional, and global collaborative environmental projects. LDIW is an accredited member of UN Environment Programme and a Convening Partner of UN SDG Action Campaign. In 2021, LDIW was awarded with prestigious Scroll of Honor award by UN-Habitat. 

Let's Do It! Indonesia

The host

Let’s Do It Indonesia is a national organization within the Let’s Do It World movement, focused on raising awareness of the waste problem in Indonesia by creating momentum involving millions of people to engage in good waste practices and participate in cleanup. LDI Indonesia creates spirit of collaboration across sectors to support public behavior change with measurable and impactful ways, not only on World Cleanup Day but also through long term collaborative programs with the local government and private sectors. 

Let’s Do It Indonesia, together with the core team and all Indonesian partners, achieved incredible numbers in creating impact during World Cleanup Day since 2018-2020, reaching 21.401.526 volunteers, 6.313 communities, 541 corporations, & 303 Universities.



Let's Do It! Germany

The supporter

Let’s Do It Germany e.V. was born in 2018 by Holger Holland during his first contacts with the Let’s Do It leadership conference in Albania in 2017. Holger is the founder, since 2018 the president and driving force behind the German team.

Let’s Do It! as a network is only as strong as the bonds between the individual members and different countries. This is why LDI Germany volunteered to become the host of the conference 2021. The credo is Let’s Do It Together and strengthen the community! The digital conference is the platform in 2021 over and above physical borders and today.

Agustina Iskandar Crombach

Conference Director

Coordinator of Asia at Let’s Do It World, Let’s Do It Indonesia and also Leader at World Cleanup Day Indonesia, she led 7.6 million volunteers to join cleanup throughout Indonesia, on the first WCD event in 2018, together with the team. She is a passionate person in organizing events and loves to work with her great team to hold a successful event through building connections in collaboration with government bodies, private companies, and communities. Agustina and her team brought Indonesia as the first country who successfully led  the biggest cleanup action in the world. Agustina was also chosen as one of the finalists of the United Nations Young Champion of The Earth from the Asia Pacific in 2019.

Heidi Solba

Conference & Speaker Coordinator

Since 2015 Heidi has been working with the Let’s Do It World countries network. Her biggest task during 2016 – 2018 was to create the worldwide network in 150 countries, with whom to establish  Let’s Do It World and lead the World Cleanup Day together for a waste-free world. 

From 2019 Heidi serves the global organization as Head of Network, as well as the President of the Let’s Do It World. As a connector of the Let’s Do It World strategy, the network, as well as many partners, has invested her time and knowledge into the creation of the Conference Program.

Anneli Ohvril

Conference Program Planning

Anneli is in the Let’s Do It movement since 2008 and one of the founders of LDIW NGO in 2019. As organization’s CEO, she takes care of mobilization, finances, partnership, policies, and running the HQ office. With a background in the economy, marketing, and social change management, she is passionate about transforming societies toward circular and regenerative economies.

Anneli designed and developed the conference program and did her best to put together the best virtual conference program that would inspire and empower participants to move towards a clean and waste-free world.

Holger Holland

IT Coordinator

Since 2018, Holger has been the president of Let’s Do It! Germany. As a consultant for information technology since 2000 and lecturer for project management and business administration, Holger dedicates all his expertise into this digital plattform.

Holger structured the project team, the website content and its functions. He created and installed the collaboration platform (based Google Workspace, Analytics, Wrike…). Moreover, Holger integrated tools like Zoom, YouTube and e-voting into the conference program.

Andy Bahari

Marketing & Branding Coordinator

Andy Bahari is the Co. Leader of World Cleanup Day Indonesia since 2020. Before starting as a member of the WCD team, Andy joined WCD Indonesia as a regular volunteer and actively involved in waste bank activities and volunteerism. Since being in office, he served WCD Indonesia excellently through his design and social media expertise to support the national team.

Humberto Gregorio

UI/UX Design/Webdesign & Technical Realization

Humberto has created the screendesign and was responsible for planning & technical realization of this website.

He is agency owner of Linkup, based in Germany, which creates packaging design and UI/UX design/webdesign for many years.

He’s also an Elementor leader and teaches his knowledge in the community.

If you want more information about his his agency, please follow this link:
packaging design or watch the youtube video.

Ingrid Nielsen

Head of Communications

Ingrid has followed the Let’s Do It movement ever since 2008 when she was picking up rubbish in Singapore and later in Estonia. In 2018, she volunteered in the communications team for the first World Cleanup Day, and two years later joined the headquarters full-time. 

With a background in journalism and anthropology, Ingrid has been involved in continuing building media channels for Let’s Do It World, developing internal communications workflow and passing on knowledge about communicating in environmental issues. At the conference, she makes sure the world knows about this amazing opportunity, and keeps participants well informed. 

Sarah Maulina

Design Coordinator

Sarah was an active volunteer in cleanup actions for 3 years. Then in 2020, she join World Cleanup Day Indonesia and become a Coordinator of Public Relations and Marketing.

With environmental engineering as a background, waste issue is one of her concern. Being a part of team, she coordinate with other division to share awareness to public through online webinars and social media live. Because we share therefore we are.

Sriram Vasu

Project Coordinator - Germany

Sriram has joined Let’s Do It! Germany in 2021. He is a passionate engineer who loves to work together with people to make the world better every day. He supported creating awareness videos on YouTube about World Cleanup Day.

With more than 15 years of experience in project management and consulting, Sriram supports project coordination for the clean conference on behalf of the German team.

Ivana R. Widyaningrum

Coordinator Event Management & Logistics

Ivana, who is also known as Iku, joined as a volunteer for World Cleanup Day Indonesia in 2018. Later she became the Coordinator of Event Management and Logistics National team in 2020.

Besides being an active volunteer in WCD Indonesia, she is also active as a volunteer for an organisation working in raising awareness towards cancers suffered by children.

Natasia Angel Setiawan Tjutju

Coordinator Knowledge

The first time encountering World Cleanup Day Indonesia in 2018, Natasia Angel has been excited to join the movement as it is her life purpose to raise awareness, especially towards the environmental impact of waste issues.

Currently, she is the Coordinator of the Knowledge National Team, as her knowledge of environmental engineering and her love for literature is shared through content creation for the movement.

Maria Bianca Vega


Bianca joined World Clean Up Day Indonesia to provide communications and all-round support to the success of Clean Conference 2022. A social enterprise and eco-community enthusiast, she uses her platform for green events she founded in 2017 to champion the green movement in Indonesia and beyond.

Having been involved in eco-humanitarian initiatives in Jakarta, Ubud, Manila, and Melbourne, she is a big-believer of reconnecting hands-on with nature through conservation and clean up activities as a means to heal the self and the world. Bianca supports the Indonesian team alongside the Website and Communications team. 

Merike Hallik

Speakers assistant

Merike Hallik joined the Let’s Do It World Headquarters team in 2020. With 30 years of experience in the tourism business and extensive travel, she has often seen situations where changes are desired but still not possible or available. As a volunteer at the LDIW 2020 conference in Tallinn, she realized how important environmental and educational issues are for the World and for her personally.

She communicates with the speakers and coordinates their assisting.

Leo (Jian-Liang) Lin

Country Leader of Taiwan

Leo is an upcoming Associate (Senior Consultant) in McKinsey Chicago and is currently an MBA student in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business with full scholarship and Dean Fellowship. 

He has worked as a country leader at Taiwan for more than 6 years and co-organized Asia Leader Academy held by Let’s Do It World for two years. Beyond his dedication to Let’s Do It World, he was Senior Consultant at Deloitte Advisory and Assistant Manager & Executive Assistant to Board Member at KPMG Advisory. His six-year experience included strategy planning, risk management, and operation design for global financial institutions, which he leveraged to run Let’s Do It Taiwan and support Let’s Do It World.

Pal Martensson

Programme Team

The director of Oceania and a mentor for Let’s Do It World, Pal has been involved in arranging meetings, clean ups, and workshops to empower people to cure trash blindness as well as to create community awareness. Pal also sits on the Zero Waste International Alliance Board as well as a regular speaker at Zero Waste Dialogs and Environmental events around the world. He is active in advising cleanups in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brazil, China or any place in the world.

Pal believes that Zero Waste is a process, a new way of thinking, but most of all it is a vision, representing a new planning approach in the 21st century encompassing the principles of conserving resources, minimising pollution, maximising employment opportunities, and providing the greatest degree of economic self-reliance. And despite the current challenges, he remains optimistic because he also believes that knowledge, understanding and listening is in our DNA, that we will always find a solution that benefits the people as well as the planet.

Septiyani Punti Dewi

Programme Team

Septi is the Secretary General of WCD Indonesia, joined WCD Indonesia in 2018. She is one of the volunteers from the region in Central Java province who managed to become the Indonesian national team.

WCD Central Java is the largest volunteers contributor in Indonesia for 4 consecutive years and has brough in millions of volunteers from diverse backgrounds and stakeholders who have supported the WCD movement since then. With good communication skills, Septi is able to get full support from the local governments, communities and citizens to join in carrying out WCD actions and do it continuously as well as sustainably.